Kreatifood Expo 2018

08 September 2018

Last few months was a blast for us! Experimenting with new cheese, conducted some secret missions, making the world a bit cheesier every single day...You know, Rosalie’s Stuff! In July we participated in Kreatifood by FoodStartup Indonesia in Surabaya. For 3 days, 27-29 July, we fought through sweat and tears to promote our beloved cheese in this city of heroes. Though not an easy journey, we managed to make our way to the 3rd place…


Canggu Saturday Farmers Market

23 March 2018

Saturday Farmers Market. Natural Indonesian Cheese from ROSALIE CHEESE, Beautiful selection of fresh greens, fruits and herbs from Pak Joko, Homemade Japanese Tofu, Nato, Vegetarian Sushi and Natural SoapLocation : Tema Doma Restaurant, Pantai BerawaOpen : 9am - 1pm


Cheese Sampling Canggu

22 February 2018

Do you have any plan on the weekends? We are sampling our cheese every Saturday and Sunday at The Joglo Canggu. Spend your weekend at The Joglo with your kids. They have amazing playground, cafe, kids corner and a huge selection of kids menu. Our cheese are also available for sale in their market place. Friday: Kids Movie Screening Sunday: Face Painting Come and say hi to our team member Jung Desy! Check out their…


Goat Cheese Tomato Salad

14 January 2018

Super simple and refreshing sunday meal. You can add some warm crusted bread, grilled sausages or seafood.  Ingredients 2 handfuls mixed ripe tomatoes sea salt mint leaves, finely sliced goat cheese, crumbled Dressing 1 shallot, finely minced 1 garlic clove, finely minced 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp red wine vinegar sea salt freshly ground black pepper Cooking Direction Put minced garlic, shallot and red wine vinegar in a small bowl, let it…


Pop Up Shop Bali

10 October 2017

Our Market schedule in Bali Tuesday Warung Alami, Tebongkang (Next to Pepito) 9am - 1pm   Friday Greenschool, Sibang 2pm - 5pm   Sunday Batu Jimbar, Sanur 9am - 2pm   Contact us for more information on delivery


Rosalie Cheese in Silkwinds Magazine

26 August 2017

Working with cheese is an unusual practice in Indonesia.The archipelago doesn’t have an indigenous cheesemaking tradition, so what’s available is imported at inflated prices and consumed in processed forms. But that’s all set to change,thanks to a new generation of local artisans. Born and raised in Jakarta,Ayu Linggih recently returned to her ancestral home of Bali to grow her business. Ayu started Rosalie Cheese back in 2012, when she was studying food science in Australia.…


Rosalie Cheese Bali Chapter

25 January 2017

We are excited to announce that starting this January our Goat Cheese production is moving to Bali! woohoo! From the very beginning we were making cheese in an urban environment, with the usual hustle bustle of the city. This year we are aiming to move all of our production to Bali to make us closer to Nature. Hopefully this will make our baby cheeses more happy, stress free and thus they will pleasure you even…


Healthy Cooking and Eating Workshop

18 January 2017

Healthy Cooking and Eating Workshop by Hello Sunshine Learn how to do simple yet tasty and healthy cooking : "HAPPY NEW YOU"Healthy Eating and Cooking WorkshopMinggu, 22 Januari 201708 am-12pmAt Natura Yoga, Jl. Cikabuyutan no.3 Bogorby @amandasoedharma from @naturayoga and @sandraalfina from Hello SunshineWorkshop price : Rp. 300.000 Contact : 08111767891 Featuring Rosalie Cheese Haloumi!


Rosalie Cheese on Jakarta Shimbun

19 December 2016

Last month we got a visitor from Jakarta Shinbun writer Ms. Saki Ehara. She was lovely and excited to write about us. This newspaper is a Japanese newspaper based in Jakarta. Check out the link to see the full story!


Rosalie Cheese on "6x6" by FoodieS

12 December 2016

6x6 by FoodieS the food explorer. On this episodes FoodieS was exploring six different places to eat in six hours around Kemang & Ampera areas. One of the place they visited was Rosalie Cheese. Here our team and their lovely host Ade Putri did some cheese sampling. Check out her review and video on the link below: "When we were here FoodiesS met and accompanied by the owner of Rosalie Cheese, Ms. Ayu Linggih. Here…


How to make a grill Cheese Sandwich?

13 November 2016

Everyone loves a perfect grilled cheese sandwich. It is simpple to make yet so delicious. It should be crispy and toasted on the outside and gooey with cheese in the middle. This recipe is by the you can modify the recipe by adding your favourite ingredients, we love to add some sliced tomatoes! Ingredients 2 slices bread1 tablespoon butterGenerous 1/4 cup grated cheese, mozzarella and black & white cheese EquipmentSkillet, large enough to fit…


Now available at Kemchicks Pacific Place!

21 June 2016

Good news! We are now available at Kemchicsk Supermarket at Pacific Place Shopping Mall. You can find almost all of our cheese there; Bocconcini, Natural Mozzarella, Black & White, Chevre and Black Pepper Goat Cheese. Our fresh Bocconcini is re-stock once a week, so go grab them while they are fresh! Address : (021) 51400440 Hours