Rosalie Cheese on Jakarta Shimbun

19 December 2016

Last month we got a visitor from Jakarta Shinbun writer Ms. Saki Ehara. She was lovely and excited to write about us. This newspaper is a Japanese newspaper based in Jakarta. Check out the link to see the full story!


Rosalie Cheese on "6x6" by FoodieS

12 December 2016

6x6 by FoodieS the food explorer. On this episodes FoodieS was exploring six different places to eat in six hours around Kemang & Ampera areas. One of the place they visited was Rosalie Cheese. Here our team and their lovely host Ade Putri did some cheese sampling. Check out her review and video on the link below: "When we were here FoodiesS met and accompanied by the owner of Rosalie Cheese, Ms. Ayu Linggih. Here…


How to make a grill Cheese Sandwich?

13 November 2016

Everyone loves a perfect grilled cheese sandwich. It is simpple to make yet so delicious. It should be crispy and toasted on the outside and gooey with cheese in the middle. This recipe is by the you can modify the recipe by adding your favourite ingredients, we love to add some sliced tomatoes! Ingredients 2 slices bread1 tablespoon butterGenerous 1/4 cup grated cheese, mozzarella and black & white cheese EquipmentSkillet, large enough to fit…


Now available at Kemchicks Pacific Place!

21 June 2016

Good news! We are now available at Kemchicsk Supermarket at Pacific Place Shopping Mall. You can find almost all of our cheese there; Bocconcini, Natural Mozzarella, Black & White, Chevre and Black Pepper Goat Cheese. Our fresh Bocconcini is re-stock once a week, so go grab them while they are fresh! Address : (021) 51400440 Hours


Tropical Fruits Shopping Bag

14 June 2016

We love to support local producer and our latest collaboration is with our dearest friends Bella & Finda from XOXO BALI. XOXO Bali produce beautiful cards and bags with vibrant colour as their signature touch. We think that their pesonality really shines through their products. Both artists are insanely bright, cheerful and lovable people.  Their theme this season is Indonesian Tropical Fruits. The tote bags are water resistant, bright, bold and a must have shopping…


Laid Back Elegant Feast

09 June 2016

We are very happy to be part of this elegant collaboration. Stunning and breathtaking decor by Kemala Home Living and Living Loving Net. The aim is to show that styling for a dinner party can be elegant, classy yet still keeping that homey feeling. Sometimes if you are going for a classy look it can be a bit stiff and potraying a serious vibe. You really want your guest to feel at home and relax.…


Can I freeze Cheese?

31 May 2016

Q : I'm going on a vacations soon, and my fridge is full of uneaten cheese. Is it Okay to freeze it? A : Please dont freeze it! Freezing cheese destroys texture and thus affects the flavor, mouthfeel and ultimately the sensual pleasure of eating cheese. This is true for soft cheeses as well as for hard cheeses. Cheese should be enjoyed within the time frame that the cheesemaker determines best for tasting, enjoying and getting…


Green Herbs Omelete with Goat Cheese

25 May 2016

This recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver "Food Revolution Day" What is Food Revolution Day? "In essence, the Food Revolution is about each and every one of us taking a stand. And that doesn’t mean we all need to make radical changes – we all have the power to contribute to the bigger picture simply by making the effort to act positively in small profound ways, whether that’s cooking with our kids, reading up on…


Talking Cheese with Ayu Linggih

24 May 2016

Today we bring you the story of Ayu Linggih, and her journey from Indonesia to Australia; where her study in food science and brunch at her favourite cafe in the hip Brisbane suburb of ‘Rosalie’ led her to return to Jakarta to establish an Indonesian natural cheese startup! Inspired by Ayu’s story of entrepreneurialship and our appreciation of an artisan cheeseboard, we met with Ayu at her shop on Jl. Benda South Jakarta, to ‘taste’ and…


Roasted Grape with Goat Cheese

17 May 2016

Honey, grapes and something sweet is the perfect match to fresh goat cheese. In this recipe we show how versatile Rosalie Chevre is. It doesnt have to be put into salad or pizza or other savoury dish. It could be a fun guilt-free snack. Ingredients: 115gr Rosalie Chevre 4 sweet potatoes 2 cups red, seedless grapes 1 teaspoon grapeseed oil (or another high heat oil) 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons honey +…


Coworkinc Anniversary

16 May 2016

Two weeks ago Rosalie Cheese were invited to Coworkinc Anniversary celebration and we also did some amazing cheese platter collaboration with Nara Kombucha. This was such an amazing event for networking, meeting some old friends, eating good food, getting to know new people and all in all good vibes all night.  Check out our table set up at Coworkinc is a coworking space and event space for creative entrepeneurs, startups and freelancers. They strongly believes…


Tempe with Mozzarella Sandwich

10 May 2016

This is a simple sandwich but pack with flavour. Some people underestimate the versatality of Tempe.  "Tempeh really is a blank canvas that you can season to your liking. To infuse more flavour into it, I brush it with some tomato paste, sprinkle it with dried oregano, and sear it quicly in a pan so that all the flavours have a chance to mingle together and the tempeh gets a bit crispy", Cristine Gallary. Ingredients:…