Talking Cheese with Ayu Linggih

24 May 2016

Today we bring you the story of Ayu Linggih, and her journey from Indonesia to Australia; where her study in food science and brunch at her favourite cafe in the hip Brisbane suburb of ‘Rosalie’ led her to return to Jakarta to establish an Indonesian natural cheese startup! Inspired by Ayu’s story of entrepreneurialship and our appreciation of an artisan cheeseboard, we met with Ayu at her shop on Jl. Benda South Jakarta, to ‘taste’ and…


Roasted Grape with Goat Cheese

17 May 2016

Honey, grapes and something sweet is the perfect match to fresh goat cheese. In this recipe we show how versatile Rosalie Chevre is. It doesnt have to be put into salad or pizza or other savoury dish. It could be a fun guilt-free snack. Ingredients: 115gr Rosalie Chevre 4 sweet potatoes 2 cups red, seedless grapes 1 teaspoon grapeseed oil (or another high heat oil) 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons honey +…


Coworkinc Anniversary

16 May 2016

Two weeks ago Rosalie Cheese were invited to Coworkinc Anniversary celebration and we also did some amazing cheese platter collaboration with Nara Kombucha. This was such an amazing event for networking, meeting some old friends, eating good food, getting to know new people and all in all good vibes all night.  Check out our table set up at Coworkinc is a coworking space and event space for creative entrepeneurs, startups and freelancers. They strongly believes…


Tempe with Mozzarella Sandwich

10 May 2016

This is a simple sandwich but pack with flavour. Some people underestimate the versatality of Tempe.  "Tempeh really is a blank canvas that you can season to your liking. To infuse more flavour into it, I brush it with some tomato paste, sprinkle it with dried oregano, and sear it quicly in a pan so that all the flavours have a chance to mingle together and the tempeh gets a bit crispy", Cristine Gallary. Ingredients:…


Deli Heaven

05 May 2016

Stunning Deli Heaven - "Mulia Deli" by The Mulia Nusa Dua Bali. The displays are magnificent, sophisticated & beautiful. It is absolutely a mind blowing view of cakes, chocolates, patisseries, confections and offcourse CHEESE! They have a complete selection of savoury bites, sweet guilty pleasure and prefectly roasted coffee.   Rosalie Black & White Cheese and Milton are available alongside with other imported cheeses. Our cheese are available for eat in or on the road dellights.…


Garlic & Herb Marinated Bocconcini

18 March 2016

Have you ever wonder what to do with Bocconcini? Try this simply delicious recipe. This is a nice addition to your salad. meal or even eat it with warm bread. Ingredients: 3/4 cup good-quality olive oil 5-6 garlic cloves, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons chopped fresh herbs (i.e. basil, thyme, oregano, and/or parsley) 1 teaspoon black or rainbow peppercorns 1-2  bay leaves Peel from half a lemon, thinly sliced Splash of sherry, red wine, or balsamic…


Sunday Farmer's Market

15 March 2016

It's back! Potato Head Sunday Farmers’ Market: Easter Edition. Come and say hi to us and also there will be plenty of fresh locally grown produce and delicious artisanal handmade goods made by Farmers’ Market favorites. Sample our cheese, pick up fresh goods, discover new things and stay for brunch!  Sunday, 27 March 201610AM to 4PM  Potato Head Pacific Place


Rosalie Goat's Curd

14 March 2016

This delicate cheese is a special request by Chef MJ from Salt Grill Jakarta. Rosalie Goat's Curd has a mild, clean flavour with just a hint of acidity.         


FDA Warns The Parmesan You Eat May Be Wood Pulp

20 February 2016

  The FDA is warning pasta and pizza lovers that cheese labeled “100 percent Parmesan” are often filled with cheese substitutes—like wood pulp. Yes, you’ve been eating wood, thanks to companies like Castle Cheese, which produced Parmesan cheese containing no actual Parmesan for almost 30 years. The president of the company, which supplied megastores like Target, is scheduled to plead guilty this month to charges that carry a sentence of up to a year in prison…


Goats Milk vs Cows MIlk

10 February 2016

Goats Milk There’s a difference in fat molecule size The fat molecules in goats milk are much smaller than the fat molecules in cows milk. The difference in the size of the milk’s fat molecules makes it easier to digest. It contains less lactose (milk sugar) Our bodies produce enzymes to help break down our foods, especially sugar. Goat milk contains less lactose (milk sugar) than cows milk, which makes it easier on our stomachs…


Our winner for NOOSA quizze!

09 February 2016

NOOSA// Inspired by a lovely sandy beach in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. This cheese is delicate, Milky & Moreish - fresh cheese from full cream cows milk. The sweet and milky flavour are the results of careful handling & constant stiring during the production.