Can I freeze Cheese?

31 May 2016

Q : I'm going on a vacations soon, and my fridge is full of uneaten cheese. Is it Okay to freeze it?

A : Please dont freeze it! Freezing cheese destroys texture and thus affects the flavor, mouthfeel and ultimately the sensual pleasure of eating cheese. This is true for soft cheeses as well as for hard cheeses. Cheese should be enjoyed within the time frame that the cheesemaker determines best for tasting, enjoying and getting the full artisan food experience

Quoted from Steven Rosenberg


So please do not freeze fine cheese! Natural Handcrafted cheese are delicate and they will deteriorate in the freezer. In a freezer, ice crystals form within the paste of the  cheese and when cheese defrost, the molecular structure breaks down, transforming a perfectly fine wedge into a more crumbly and dry version of its former self. Cheeses with fissures, holes, or cracks are especially suceptible to freezer damage.

Fresh cheese are more sensitive to freezing than aged cheeses; with higher moisture content comes an even more fragile texture. It will emerge from the freezer exuding liquid that has seperated from the now toughened and somewhat granular paste.

What about mozzarella? Our Rosalie Natural Mozzarella is a high moisture content type of Mozzarella. With a rich milky and fresh flavour it is a crime to freeze this cheese. Once you freeze them you will loose the delicate flavour and will turn them into very dry mozzarella cheese. It is best to only purchase the amount of fresh mozzarella cheese needed. 

The only type of cheese that justifies being frozen is of the industrial type cheese. This cheese is highly processed and meant to be durable. By nature they are not delicate and sensitive to temperature changes that can drastically alter their integrity. 

Photo credit: Shutterstock