Kreatifood Expo 2018

08 September 2018

Last few months was a blast for us! Experimenting with new cheese, conducted some secret missions, making the world a bit cheesier every single day...You know, Rosalie’s Stuff! In July we participated in Kreatifood by FoodStartup Indonesia in Surabaya. For 3 days, 27-29 July, we fought through sweat and tears to promote our beloved cheese in this city of heroes. Though not an easy journey, we managed to make our way to the 3rd place from hundreds of vendor! As much as we love our cheese, we love our customer as well. Your love for Rosalie Cheese gave us a very big boost of serotonin (google it). Now to spread the love even further, on 7-9 September we will come to Jogjakarta! We will participate in another Kreatifood Expo take place on Hartono Mall. Excited about it? We too! Come to join us and taste our award-winning Grissini and Cheese, be there!