How to Make a Perfect Summer Cheese Board

24 June 2019

Summertime is here! Sunshine embraces us and the heat is on. So, take off your scarf and get ready to indulge your taste bud to this seriously delicious and refreshing summer dish. Yes, we’re talking about the perfect summer cheese board, Are you ready?


 1.Start with the Central Focal Point

Having a center structure makes your cheese board look beautiful, balanced and interesting from all side when it being gathered by people around. Choose summer fruits to build your central structure, it could be mango, dragon fruit, pineapple or papaya they contrast well with tangy cheeses. For vegetables, you can put a good portion of peeled baby carrots, and cherry tomatoes to the central focus.


2. Choose A Variety of Cheeses

Consider choosing at least one of each : soft-ripened cheese, a harder aged cheese and fresh cheese. Blue cheese is always a nice addition as well (it provides a sharp contrast and goes well with summer fruit). The fine way to leveled up your fresh cheese is to roll it in chopped herbs. For the bloomy –rind cheese you can put Rosalie Milton, Kemala Old for a hard aged cheese, Rosalie Chevre for the fresh cheese, and Mt. Batu Gorgonzola for the blue cheese.


3. Add marinated Olives

Drizzle 1 tablespoon olive oil and enrich with pinch of crushed red pepper onto olives, along with chopped fresh basil, to make a simple marinated olive salad. Place the olives in a small decorative bowl directly on the cheese board.


4. Include Grilled Bread, Smoked Sausage and Nuts

 Adding hot grilled smoked sausage and grilled baguette to a cheese board is a great surprises. Grill smoked sausage over a medium-hot fire until it’s browned and hot. Rest it for 3 minutes, then slice into bite-pieces. Serve them with bamboo toothpicks. A generous portion of salted nuts is a superb, healthy and crunchy addition to consider. Fill the gaps among the cheeses, fruits and veggies. To grill the baguette, slice it and brush the cut slides with oil, grill for a minute or two over a medium-hot fire until it crisped


5. Tuck in a Variety of Crackers

Try contrasting shapes of crackers to keep things visually interesting. If you or a guest is avoiding gluten, include gluten free crackers on your cheese board. Avoid flavored crackers, which can overwhelm the flavors of your cheeses and also tend to be higher in sodium.


6. Finish with Edible Flowers & Fresh Herbs 

Add some edible flowers and fresh herbs such as calendula, chrysanthemum, violets or chives blossom to beautify your cheese board.


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Source :   (edited)