Our story


Natural Indonesian Cheese made Fresh Daily

Our cheese use natural farm fresh ingredients without preservatives and colorings. We use traditional cheese making techniques and Indonesian milk which has unique flavor based on Indonesian varied climate, soil and plant life. 

The name of our company was inspired by a beautiful suburb in Brisbane - Australia called Rosalie where local gourmet thrives. After couple of years perfecting the recipe of our cheese, it is now widely available as a unique delicacies on some of Indonesia's top Hotels & Restaurants which can be found in the other section of our website. 

Rosalie Cheese Shop 

Along with our cheese we also sell some of the local natural cheese by other producers as well as artisan products that goes well with our cheese. The ranges of products sold in our shop includes but not limited to Local Cheese, Dried Fruits, Chutney, Jam, Jelly, Honey, Pickles, Kombucha, Wine and other things.

Looking forward for you to try our cheese!


Rosalie Cheese Team