Rosalie Black & White

Soft Cheese Firm paste – Chalky in the center,  Coated in COCONUT ASH,  Little taste of…
options: 100gr

  Rp. 32,000

Rosalie Chevre

FRESH CHEESE, Tart & Earthy Flavour, Pure - Only a hint of salt, Aged 2 –…
options: 125gr

  Rp. 55,000

Rosalie Black Pepper Goat Cheese

FRESH CHEESE, Chevre rolled in Black Pepper, Spicy, Tangy & Full of Flavour, Aged 2…
options: 125gr

  Rp. 57,000

Rosalie Milton

BLOOMY RIND CHEESE, Full & Subtle flavor, Moist, slightly crumbly- flaky, Aged 14 – 20…
options: 80gr

  Rp. 51,000

Rosalie Goat Feta

Mild & Tangy Slightly Crumbly and flaky Aged for: 5 -10days Form: 100gr Ingredients: Goat's…
options: 100gr

  Rp. 40,000

Jalapeno Monta

SEMI-HARD CHEESE, Sharp & Spicy Grassy, Mild & Nutty flavour Aged for: 1- 2 months…
options: 100gr

  Rp. 35,000

Rosalie RAW

HARD CHEESE, Raw Milk/ Unpasterurized, Nutty & earthy flavour, Aged 60 - 90 days Form:…
options: 100gr

  Rp. 40,000


Rosalie Kalyana

Goat Cheese with Coconut Ash Sharp, tasty, slightly crumbly- flaky, Aged 14 – 20 days,…
options: 200gr

  Rp. 88,000