rosalie black pepper goat cheese

Rosalie Black Pepper Goat Cheese


Soft Cheese,

Chevre rolled in Black Pepper,

Spicy, Tangy & Full of Flavour,

Aged 2 – 10 days,

Form: 125gr

Made from Natural Local Goat's Milk,

Ingredients: Natural Local Goat's Milk, Vegetable Rennet, Culture, Black Pepper & Salt

Black Pepper Goat Cheese is a fresh goat cheese rolled in black pepper. The taste of our black pepper goat is tangy, sharp and spicy.  We only use a hint of salt to the cheese, therefore you can taste purely our beautiful Indonesian goats milk.

This cheese is great on Cheeseboard or with warm crusty bread and drizzle with honey.

Shelf Life: 1 month vacuum pack. Store in the fridge at 4C at all time. After the package is open, please store it in a tight plastic wrap. This will last up to 2 weeks.       

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