rosalie black white

Rosalie Black & White


Soft Cheese, 

Firm paste – Chalky in the center, 

Coated in COCONUT ASH, 

Aged for 14 – 21 days, 

Form: 200gr of Wheel, Made from Local Fresh Cow Milk.

Ingredients: Cow's Milk, Culture, Vegetable Rennet, Salt & Coconut Ash

Black and White cheese is a unique cheese that showcase the beautiful tasting notes of our Indonesian Milk. Though you can’t taste the coconut flavour itself on the cheese, the coconut ash on the surface will take you to another level of happiness. 

This cheese is great on Cheesboard, baked on the oven or smeared on top of a bread. We had a lot  of feedback that this cheese tasted a little bit like blue cheese. We named this elegant cheese Black & White simply because of its appearance.

Shelf Life: 2 months store in the fridge at 4C. This cheese is only wrap in a loose plastic packaging so that they can breath and keep growing. After opening please re-wrap them in their plastic packaging and store it inside the box so they wont dry out.

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