• Hello December!

    This holiday season we have the perfect hampers for you to show your thanks, love or appreciation to your loved ones. Our Indonesian cheese combines with natural tropical jam will be a unique and unforgettable gift. We also provide a customize gift with your favorite cheese. Please contact one of our team member to arrange your own hamper box.

  • Handmade Painted Box

    All hampers comes in this handmade Balinese Keben. We have two options, the Bright Red Keben with gold ribbon or Natural Keben with red ribbon. The Keben are handmade in Singaraja, north of Bali and painted with Balinese carving in Gianyar. Please choose one option when you place your order.

  • Cheese, Jam and Cookies made in Bali

    We have arranged something special for you. Try our Black and White cheese with this gorgeous Grape Jam. Grape Jam made from Balinese black grape - sweet with a touch of sour. We would also want to introduce this Gluten Free Tempe Cookies! with GMO Tempe as the main ingredients they are absolutely moreish.

Rosalie Black &…

BLOOMY RINDCHEESE, SoftCheese, Firm paste Chalky in the center, Coated…

Rosalie Chevre

FRESHCHEESE, SoftCheese, Tart Earthy Flavour, Pure - Only a hint…

Rosalie Milton

BLOOMY RIND CHEESE, Soft Cheese, Full Subtle flavor, Moist, slightly…

Pop Up Shop Bali

10 October 2017

Hello, we are happy to announce that we will be at Sunday Market Batu Jimbar every week. This market runs from 9am - 2pm. Please do come if you want to sample our cheeses. You can purchase some fresh vegetables, bread and cheese on the market! We will be on inside, on the left section.

We also do daily delivery with gojek! please contact order.rosaliecheese@gmail.com or 081294819129

Hope to see you there!

Rosalie Cheese in Silkwinds Magazine

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Rosalie Cheese Bali Chapter

25 January 2017

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