About Us

Our Story

Rosalie Cheese is a food-tech company, which produces artisanal food products through market-based innovation. We mainly produced natural Indonesian cheese from farm-fresh ingredients without preservatives and colorings as well as creating delicious natural snacks.

Our aim is to create specialty cheeses with a unique twist on local flavour, developed to suit the local and international taste. In Rosalie Cheese, we use traditional cheese-making techniques and Indonesian milk which has a unique flavour based on the local varied climate, soil and plant life.

Started from one customer to a growing number of clients, Rosalie Cheese found its place in restaurants and hotels across Indonesia.

The name of our company was inspired by a beautiful suburb in Brisbane - Australia called Rosalie. It is considered a universal name, easy to pronounce and sounded like an Italian or French lady making the cheeses. It makes sense when you know that Rosalie's team members are dominated by women.

Our Team & Partner Farm

Rosalie Team

Rosalie's team consisted of passionate and highly motivated workers, taking care of cheeses and snacks from production to delivery. Most of the employees are unskilled women in the neighborhood, earning less than minimum wages. We have hired several of them and trained them to be professional cheesemakers. We equipped them with the skills to improve their livelihood and provide them with a better income.

Partner Farm

Producing high-quality products means to get the best ingredients to do it! Rosalie Cheese is supporting several small dairy farmers across Bali and Java. Goat milk farmers are particularly benefited from our business, as the demand for goat milk is not as high as cow milk in Indonesia. We see our partner farms as a long-term partner for growth.

Our farmers work very hard to maintain hygiene, clean & well-managed farm to have healthy cows & goats, good quality of milk and fair wages for their farm workers.

The Workshop

Rosalie Cheese is a cheese and snack producer. We have two different facilities to ensure our separate production line. We follow strict regulations of manufacturing, packaging operations and HALAL

The cheese production facility is BPOM (National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Indonesia) certified: it can ensure that our dairy products are made in a clean, secure and controlled environment.

The snack production facility is PIRT (Home Industry Product Permit) certified: it guarantees the safety requirements and standards, in the context of production and distribution of food products like grissini, cookies and so much more to come!

Our highly trained production staff ensures premium quality in every one of our products. 


1st Place Indonesia Food Innovation 2020

"Black & White Cheese"

End product Category

by Indonesia Ministry of Industry

(Kementrian Perindustrian RI)

3rd Place Food Startup Indonesia 2018

by Indonesia Ministry of Tourism & Economy Creative

(Kementrian Pariwisata & Ekonomi Kreatif RI)


1. Halal & Vegetarian Friendly. We use microbial rennet and culture.

2. All of our cheese is Natural and fermented slowly

3. All of our cheeses are safe for children

4. Please store the cheese in the fridge with a minimum temperature of 4°C

5. Hard Cheese shelf life is 8 months, Bloomy rind cheese is 3 months, and Fresh Cheese is 4 months - on their original packaging

6. After opening the original packaging please store in a tight plastic or beeswax wrap. Minimize oxygen exposure to avoid mold.

7. If the outer layer is moldy, scrape it off gently with a knife


1. Our milk is sourced from small dairy farmers across Java and Bali who practice natural farming and are passionate farmers.

2. Our partner farms are trained with a good standard of hygiene

3. The goats and cows are fed with natural feed surrounding the farm such as moringa, corn husk, shrubs, etc.


1. Delivery is every Monday - Saturday

2. Delivery is from our Shop in Bali (Cheese Boutique by Rosalie)

3. Delivery within 30 Km of our Cheese Boutique is with go send instant or same day delivery

4. Delivery outside this range is 2 -3 days using paxel delivery service (Dedicated courier service for chill & frozen food)

5. Standard delivery packaging is with plastic bag and ice-packs.


1. Delivery is Rp. 30.000 and the time of delivery is depending on your location

2. For urgent delivery there will be an extra charge, please contact us

3. Payment is with Bank Transfer


1. Bestseller Cheese for cooking: Halloumi, Gouda, Chevre (for filling)

2. Bestseller Cheese for ready-to-eat: Black Pepper Goat, Black & White, and Milton

3. Bestseller Cheese for baking: Chevre, Gouda, Grated Cheese