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Paket Cheese Choco Cookies Goat Cheese Cookies, Cheesy Goat Grissini
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Isi :
1 pc Cheese Choco Cookies @120g
(Gluten-free, Sweet Chocolate & Cheesy Bites)

1 pc Goat Grissini @85g
(Cheesy breadsticks)

1 pc Goat Cheese Cookies @80g

P-IRT No :

-          Goat Grissini : P-IRT No. 7065171030205-24

-          Cheese Choco Cookies : P-IRT No. 7065171010205-24
-          Goat Cheese Cookies : P-IRT No. 7065171020205-24

No Sertifikat LPPOM MUI Hallal : 08200012651220

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